Monday, November 06, 2006

Ending a Win Drought in Philly

Most Caps fans hate the Philadelphia Flyers as much as the Pittsburgh Penguins considering that was the division the Caps played in long before the origin of the current Southeast Division. So, it was a welcome relief when the Caps ended an 8-year winning drought in the Flyer's arena and came away with 2-points after a 5-3 victory. Gaining 2-points on the road is always wonderful, but the Caps should have beaten Philly and they did. Philly is 2nd to last overall in the NHL standings and is a team that's been in disarray this season.

The lineup changes that Glen Hanlon made for Saturday nights game definitely produced offense, particularly by moving Ben Clymer back to right wing after he'd been playing defense all season. Clymer responded by scoring 2 goals. Ovie also had 2 - one of which was a beauty. Morrison scored in the 1st with the newly called up Fleischmann assisting on that goal, along with Klepis. I'm still somewhat puzzled that Hanlon has Semin playing on the 4th line with Brashear & Bradley. Semin has been somewhat quiet the last few games so I suspect Hanlon is looking for chemistry on the line with him, but we'll see how that goes.

Ottawa is here tonight and I'll be watching.

Let's go Caps!


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