Thursday, October 26, 2006

Olie Wins One in Colorado

The Caps won last night, 5-3 in Colorado so they started off their road trip with 2 points. Yippee.

Olie was stellar between the pipes last night with 45 saves. Now, the Caps won't win too many games with 45 shots on goal, but Olie was hot. He did let in one softie, but other than that, he kept the Caps in the game and closed it out for them. When Colorado pulled their net minder in the last few minutes of the 3rd period, I kept flashing back to the Atlanta game which they lost in the very end of the 3rd period after Atlanta pulled their goalie. But, the Caps pulled it out.

Mike Green, the young blueliner for the Capitals made an end-to-end rush and scored a beautiful goal. That goal is one for the highlight reels. I have high hopes for his development and, so far, he hasn't disappointed.

Ovie also scored a beautiful goal on the power play making them 1 for 3 on the PP last night. The power play seems to be improving so that's a positive development.

And, finally, Donald Brashear played a good game last night. He got the puck to Zubie for another goal and he played aggressive hockey.

Onto Vancouver and Luongo coming off his first shutout as a Canuck. The Caps have work to do and I'll be watching.


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