Thursday, October 19, 2006

Offense & Less Penalties

The Caps came away with 2 standing points after beating the Florida Panthers 5-2 last night. Alexander Semin continues scoring goals and assists. I love it. He's doing great. Even better, the offensive surge in the 1st period was spread among the Capitals with Clark, Heward, Beech & Bradley all contributing goals.

The other story of the night was penalties. The Caps only had 4 last night. Yippee. See, it's much easier to generate some offense when you're not in the penalty box.

The one negative on the game - 5 power player opportunities and no goals again. The Caps are now 4-37 with the man advantage. Not good.

Onto Atlanta. I want 2 points and I also want to see OV put a puck in the net. Let's go Caps.


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