Saturday, November 04, 2006

3:17 Awful Minutes & a Guy Named Sim

The Caps lost last night 4-3, mostly during 3 minutes, 17 seconds late in the 2nd period when Atlanta scored 3 goals to erase the 2-0 lead the Caps built. That was ugly. And, apparently, Jon Sim, the Atlanta right winger who stymied the Caps & Olie last night has quite a record of producing against the Caps. His teams over the past two years are 7-0-2 against the Caps.

The Caps didn't look inspired to win last night. And, where oh where is the hitting to get the other guys off the puck? The Caps need to pick it up in that area (among others).

On a side note, Caps fans crack me up. The message boards are full of doom and gloom today, but, really it is only one game. Not that I wasn't incredibly disappointed last night because I was, but I'm over it now.

Finally, According to Mike Vogel's blog Dump & Chase today, there are some major line up changes coming tonight. Zednik is hurt and Fleischman's been called up from Hershey where he's excelled and is expected to play with Klepis and Pettinger with Semin being paired with Gordan and Brashear. Hanlon is also apparently moving Clymer back to the wing tonight so this should be an interesting game against the Flyers.

Less than 30 minutes to the game. Let's go Caps!


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