Saturday, October 28, 2006

1 Point Against Vancouver, Luongo

I hate shootouts! And, no, I'm not "worried" about Ovie's lack of production in the shootout as some people are, but I think the Caps need to spend more time practicing shootouts considering they've been in that situation 4 times in 9 games. At least, the Caps got another hard fought point on the road against a very competitive team and a goalie Luongo who was 7-0 against the Caps last year.

Olie was spectacular in goal again with 42 saves. The Caps need to protect him better and I agree with other fans who say Eminger is playing terribly. He is -4. Ouch, the Caps won't continue to get standing points with 40+ shots on their goal every night, but I'm thrilled they got 1 last night.

So, after last night's overtime loss, maybe this writer who predicted the Caps would have "catastrophic losses" on this road trip will change his tune.

The Washington Post's article "Canucks Sneak Past Capitals in Shootout" highlights the reason I like Ovie for more than just his hockey skills. He's focused on the team, not just his accomplishments. People in Canada seem more excited to see Ovie play than they do here. Sigh.... I feel Ted L's pain. What will it take to get DC excited about hockey if Ovie can't do it?

Finally, the Caps are 2nd in the NHL for goals per game at 3.62. Okay, we're only a few weeks into the season, but they were 23rd last year.

Onto the Oilers. Let's go Caps! Keep up the good work.


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