Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A Swede & Future Cap

The Washington Post highlighted the Caps #1 draft pick this year, the 18-year old Swede Nicklas Backstrom, in an article yesterday. (It's always nice when the Post writes about the Caps.) Backstrom has scored 8 goals and has 20 points in 14 games and is in the top 10 for winning faceoffs. Backstrom, a center, plays for Sweden's top professional league. Reading that he's often compared to Peter Forsberg made my heart jump. If that turns out to be true, I can't wait to see what the Caps offense looks like in a year or two with Backstrom at center, paired with OV and Semin anchoring the 2nd line. Have the Caps ever had 3 top offensive producers at one time? Ohhh, the possibilities....

Speaking of possibilities, Ted Leonsis is once again asking the fans to have "faith and patience" as the Caps develop. He got several emails after the lousy Tampa Bay game and posted this topic on his blog yesterday. I've got to agree with him when he says it's all about team chemistry not about trying to create chemistry by buying superstars and putting them in the mix (Jaromir Jagr - need I say more - except he's obviously found team chemistry again).

Time to get ready to watch the Caps in Colorado...


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