Friday, October 20, 2006


19:27 in the 3rd period, the Caps lost the game. Granted, the Thrashers were working with a man advantage as they pulled their netminder and they got the job done. I'm trying to be happy with the Caps taking 1-point on the road against a really good team, but it was tough as I screamed at the TV and my dogs cowered. And, I hate shootouts. I can't even watch them anymore.

The good news... OV scored a goal and got an assist so I'm happy with that. Semin got a goal on the power play, thankfully. The bad news...the PP is killing the Caps. I have no idea what the problem is, but spending the whole time on power play trying to bring the puck back out their own zone isn't going to help the Caps score goals on the man advantage. Something has got to be done about the power play.

I do like the fact that Ted Leonsis is having the Caps focus on trying to get 6 points in each 5 game segment of the season. He talks about this in his Tuesday, October 17th blog post. It's the Caps mini seasons. Having a young team like the Caps focus on mini-goals is a good idea in an 80-game season.

Onto Saturday and the Tampa Bay Lightning. Caps - let's get 2 points on this one, okay?


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