Monday, October 16, 2006

Power Play Must Produce

In this post lockout world of the NHL where offense is emphasized, the Capitals must start producing points on the power play. I'm glad the PK unit is doing better, but going 1 for 8 on the power play against Atlanta isn't going to win games as evidenced by the Caps 4-3 overtime loss on Saturday night. Where is the chemistry on the PP? I don't know, but I hope we see it soon. At least, the Caps got 1-point in the standings.

Speaking of that point, I'm also thrilled to hear Olie say that the Caps are focused on their place in the standings this year. Good. They're a little more seasoned this year although the defense is still terrribly young. But, I've been impressed with Pothier so far. He may have been #5 on defense for Ottawa, but he's made good use of his 30 minutes playing time this year v. his 18 minutes on average last year. So I'm glad he's in Washington.

Time to get to the game last night!


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