Saturday, December 30, 2006

Flu Fells the Caps

As if injuries weren't enough of a problem for the Caps, 8 guys sat out last night with the flu. 3 that played - Clarkie, Pothier & Mike Green - might be out with the flu tonight in the game against the New York Rangers. Even still, the Caps managed to play a competitive game against a division leading New Jersey Devils. Caps lost 4-3 in the end. Goal scorers included Semin, Laich & the young blue liner from the Hershey Bears, Lawrence Nycholat who scored his first NHL goal and then added an assist to his point total. He looked good out there. The Caps have been playing several Hershey players to be able to put a team on the ice. So, even though it was a loss and the Caps are rapidly losing ground in the standings, they made a good effort in adverse conditions and that is promising.

My New Year's wish for the Caps - no more bad luck, bad injuries or illness in 2007! 2006 is getting to be a bit ridiculous let's review...
  1. Jamie Heward gets sliced in the face by a skate requiring major surgery. Upon returning to the ice, he gets smacked in the chin with a puck requiring additional stitches.
  2. Shaone Morrison gets mono.
  3. 8 guys get the flu at once during a brutally difficult part of the Caps schedule while 4 other guys are out.
  4. Chris Clarke takes a puck in the mouth and shatters his palate.
  5. Richard Zednik comes off an injury, starts putting up points and gets taken out of the game with a groin injury that requires surgery.
  6. Matt Bradley injures his hand fighting and is out indefinitely.


Let's go Caps!

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