Saturday, December 09, 2006

Duck, Duck, Goosed but Olie Gets Media Love

The Caps came out sluggish against the league leading Anaheim Ducks and the Ducks didn't need much time to go up 2-0. It pretty much went downhill from there and Jeff & I stopped watching when the score turned 5-0. Semin got 1 goal on an Ovie assist after we stopped watching, but the game was over before then.

In the recent winning streak, the Caps have come out strong and taken the early lead against good teams and that helped them stay in the game. Last night, the Ducks were prepared and the Caps looked flat.

It was nice to see that the print version of the Washington Post on Friday gave the Caps an above the fold story with pictures on Olie "There's No Stopping Kolzig" . I realize the Caps aren't this town's most popular sports team by a long shot, but I hope more prominent stories like this will get people interested in hockey. There's some exciting things happening on the ice.

The Caps go to Philly tonight so let's hope they come out strong. They should win this game. The Flyers are without Forsberg.

Let's go Caps!


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