Thursday, December 21, 2006

Caps Lackluster Play Nets a Loss

The Caps played horribly Tuesday against the Tampa Bay Lighting in a game they really needed to win. Olie made a comment in the Washington Post on Wednesday that they were overconfident. Overconfident playing without Erskine and Brashear? If there's one thing this young & developing team can't be, it's overconfident. Just because they've won some big games against leading teams like Buffalo & Dallas doesn't mean they can discount a team that was 7 points behind before the game. Now, they're only 5 points behind and the Caps are back in 3rd behind Carolina.

Now that I've got my ranting out, I'll highlight a few good points about the game. Ovie made another beautiful goal to answer Tampa Bay after they went up 2-0. Heward got one in during the 2nd (Jamie, nice to have you back) and Beech and Muir made it interesting in the 3rd to bring the game to 5-4. But, it was too late. At least, they attempted a comeback and maybe it's because they were being booed at Verizon Center. The Caps can play better than that as they've shown many times this I understand the frustration of the fans, I'm frustrated when they play that way.

In other Caps news, the team is banged up right now. From Tarik's blog, Clark, Brashear, Bradley, Muir and Erskine didn't practice today. Yipes. It's tough to be dealing with injuries with the Caps upcoming brutal schedule. New Jersey comes here on Friday. The Caps head to Toronto on Saturday. This is the start of a 10-day period where they play 3 series of back-to-back games with only 3 days off. The next four games are Buffalo (I dread that game), the Canadiens, Devils again and then the Rangers.

Please, show me some hard work Caps. It's about the playoffs and I want you to be there, particularly, sine everyone in the media said you wouldn't make it.

Let's go Caps!

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