Monday, December 11, 2006

Another Win in Philly

The Caps beat Philly 5-3 at their place again for the 2nd time in a row this season after enduring a 0-15-1 record on Philly ice prior to this year. The Caps got 3 points from Ovie and goals from Clark, Muir, Laich and Pettinger and 33 saves from Brent Johnson for a solid performance. This was a game the Caps needed to win against a Forsberg-less Philly team and it means the Caps easily shrugged off their loss to the league leading Anaheim Ducks the prior night which is encouraging news.

This has to be the best article from that I've read about the Caps this year in the Sports media. It gives a lot of credit to the hard work and grit this group of players is showing almost every night this season so far. I love the title, "Who Let the Caps Out?".

So, tonight Sid the Kid comes to town with the Pittsburgh Penguins. Ovie, rightly wants this game to be about the Caps playing the Pens according to this article in the Washington Post, not Sidney Crosby v. Alex Ovechkin, but the NHL is enjoying marketing its two young stars so the Caps get a nationally televised game tonight. I'm with Ovie, I just want the Caps to beat the hated Penguins and as a long time Caps fans, there are way more reasons to hate Pittsburgh than division rivals Atlanta or Carolina, soooo.....let's go Caps!


At 7:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You must mean Sid the Twit!! I grow very weary of listening to the hype around he and Malkin. Especially the constant media comparison of Crosby vs. OV. Although you're right that there should be more reasons to want to beat Pittsburgh than our new Division rivals, but today's Penguins are a different team, as are the Caps, and it seems that the Caps/Penguins intensity doesn't carry the same weight as of old. Let's just hope that the Caps will have better luck against the Pens if they ever meet in the playoffs.


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