Friday, December 29, 2006

Caps Lose Again to Montreal

I guess the most amazing thing about this game even though the final score was Caps 1, Montreal 4 is that the Caps outshot Montreal 31-26. Montreal's net minder Cristobal Huet had a stellar night against the Caps obviously. With a seriously depleted blue line, the shot total is still something to feel good about since the Caps have been outshot more than any other team in the league this year.

Alexander Semin got the Caps lone goal with Ovie & Zubie assisting. And, Donald Brashear got the best of an instigating Aaron Downey. He beat the crap out of him.

Hanlon has been playing with the line combos and played Semin, Ovie & Zubie on the top line. I don't like having the two top goal scorers on the same line. From mentally reviewing this season so far, I think the Caps play better when they have two threatening lines. And, with the players on the team we have now, I think Beech & Pettinger play best with Semin because where the hell has Pettinger been lately? He was on a tear for a while and he's going through a serious drought right now.

Shaone Morrison is on his way back after battling mono for the past month. The guy has been averaging 20+ minutes playing hockey with mono? Wow...that's pretty amazing.

Briere the NHL decided it's not going to fine Briere for the spearing injury with intent to harm on Ovie and Evan Grossman, a columnist on asks in his New Year's resolution list for Ovie to be nicer to the Sabres. Go to hell dude!

The Caps head to the New Jersey Devils tonight for another rough matchup after losing to them 4-1 last week.

Let's go Caps!

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