Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Caps lost 6-3 against Buffalo last night and never recovered from a Buffalo barrage of goals that started with the opening faceoff. Brent Johnson got pulled before the 1st period was halfway done when the score was 4-0. Two more goals in the first period made it 6-0. Considering Buffalo only netted 1 goal on 8 power play tries, the Caps are lucky the final score wasn't worse. Kris Beech, Ovie & Chris Clark scored for the Caps with Clark's goal being a short-hander early in the 3rd but it wasn't enough.

Considering how banged up the Capitals are right now, I'm not surprised by the game's outcome. Buffalo was also pumped after the Caps scored 7 goals against them in a win on Dec 2nd. Buffalo's coach, Lindy Rough said that his team was "embarrassed" by their performance at that game. Combine that with Ovie's nasty hit on Briere that Briere is still complaining about (he hurts every day - but somehow has never missed a shift!) and Buffalo was up for the game.

During the game, Buffalo booed Ovie every time he had the puck. No surprise there, but I'm thrilled that he got to put a goal into their net and then goaded the crowd by holding his hand behind his ear to tell the crowd their booing wasn't loud enough. Booing is not going to stop Ovechkin. Prior to Ovie's goal in the 1st period, Briere decided to get a little revenge on Ovie and speared him in his manhood with apparent intent to injure. Surprise, surprise, he didn't even get a penalty. After Ovie picked himself up off of the ice, he apparently had words with Briere along the lines of something like this, "You want some of this and I'll be more than happy to oblige" (okay, Ovie's English isn't that good, but you get the point) and Briere skated away.

So, is this battle over now? I seriously doubt it, but the All Star game will be interesting if Ovie, Sid the Kid and Briere skate together for the East. And, Caps fan have hated Buffalo & their fans as they've invaded Verizon Center & USAir arena for years. Now, Buffalo & their fans hate the Caps because of Ovie. Good.

Meanwhile, Montreal visits Verizon Center tonight and the Caps still aren't healthy.

Let's go Caps!

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