Thursday, December 14, 2006

A Blown 4-0 Lead Against Pittsburgh

The Caps lost to the Pittsburgh Penguins after going up by 4 goals. To say I'm disappointed is the understatement of the century. What is about the Pittsburgh Penguins? Is the curse of the Penguins destined to follow the Caps forever? The anonymous poster on my prior blog entry makes the point that the Penguins really shouldn't be our focus as much as our division rivals and that's true, but I can't help it. I hate Pittsburgh more than I hate our division rivals because Pittsburgh has been the nemisis of the Caps forever... And, when the Caps do make the playoffs they will inevitably have to face Pittsburgh. I hope they learn how to beat them. This new team isn't doing any better than the old Capitals did against Pittsburgh.

The speculation on the fan boards about that game ranged from Olie has a mental issue with Pittsburgh (not sure I buy that, but it's a theory) to Hanlon played the top line players too long in the first period and they got tired. Who knows what happened, but it is a fact that the Caps have had great difficulty playing effective hockey for an entire 60 minutes this year. They seem to fall apart in at least 1 period per game.

The one positive to the game....Ovie finally got a goal on the shootout for the first time this season. Yeah.

Let's hope they shake it off and come out strong against division rival, Atlanta tomorrow night. How many fights will there be this time around?

Let's go Caps!


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