Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Dreaded Shootout

The Caps came away with 1 standing point after being held scoreless in the shootout by the Boston Bruins which makes them 0-10 on the shootout. Hanlon doesn't have the Caps practice the shootout and it shows. Ovie - as some fans say & I agree - needs to start ripping it hard. His shot is so hard it's bound to go in every once in a while. Since they've now lost 4 standings points due to the shootout, I think it's time to practice even if you can't simulate game day stress in practice. I''ll hate the shootout more than I already do if it's the reason for the Caps missing the playoffs this year.

The good news from last night's game...Olie only had 35 shots thrown at him last night which is a small improvement from the many 40+ nights he's had to deal with lately. Pettinger is playing great hockey and made a beautiful short-handed goal last night. Hanlon did a great job of trying to keep Chara away from Ovie. I didn't realize Chara was in Boston until last night and I wasn't happy. The 6' 9 defensemen is a beast.

The bad news...power play production has fallen off again and the Caps were 1 for 8 last night. This young team has to score on the power play so let's hope that picks up again.

Olie & Ovie are both on the All Star fan ballot so please show your support and vote for them here.

Carolina comes to town Friday and after the last game against them, hopefully, the Caps are fighting mad. Let's go Caps!

P.S. Thank you Comcast for yet another inferior broadcast where the audio didn't match the picture!


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