Wednesday, October 31, 2007

1 point losses then 7 goals

Finally, the Caps put together a game to cheer about against the Toronto Maple Leafs. My other half, Jeff, said something like "oh, it's a boring game" when he walked in the door during the 3rd period. I'll take 7 goal games by the Caps any day of any hockey season, but even more so, when those tallies result in a resounding Caps win after 2 more losses by 1 goal to Vancouver (yes, Luongo still has the Caps number) and St. Louis.

And, boy would I hate to be a net minder in Toronto. Their fans were merciless, taunting their goalie with cheers when he made ordinary saves, and booing in general.

The best Caps in the Toronto game:
  • Ovie with 2 more goals, 1 on the power play (yippee) and great defensive playing. He was the 1st star of the game. His quote in the Toronto Sun after the game when asked who could stop him cracked me up. "Nobody can stop me....just me." This is one of the many reasons I'm glad Ovie is a Capital instead of Sydney Crosby...he's a character.
  • The checking line mates Boyd Gordon and Matt Pettinger are playing awesome hockey and were rewarded with their first goals of the season against Toronto. Petti's came on the power play (double yippee).
  • Kozlov and Nylander had good games, recording 2 assists each and were rewarded with 2nd star and 3rd star respectively.
  • Brian Sutherby, out of the lineup as a healthy scratch, recorded his 1st goal and skated aggressively, stirring things up and giving the Caps a boost.
  • Matt Bradley had a short-handed goal and an assist and also played aggressively.

The worst moment of the game - Caps captain Chris Clark taking Ovie's slap shot to the ear. It required 60 or so stitches. This is the same Chris Clark who took a puck to the mouth and continued playing his shift last year. He is an amazing captain and a gritty hockey player that has blossomed in Washington. Clarkie apparently flew to NY to be with the Capitals today so I'm hoping we see him tomorrow night. I have no doubt that he wants to play because he always does.

Apparently, the team had a little team meeting before this game. It seems to have set a good tone for the game. Let's see if the Caps can keep it up against the New York Rangers tomorrow night.

Let's go Caps!

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