Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Different Year, Same Results

As a fan who hates the Pittsburgh Penguins more than any other hockey team (the Buffalo Sabres are a close second), it galls me when they once again beat the Caps. The same thing happened on Sat. The only good news is that the Caps played with a little more passion and lost by 1 goal in a 2-1 game. But, it's their 4th loss in a row and that means I'm still "on the ledge" about the Cap's ability to make the playoffs this year.

Tarik El Bashir's article from the Post yesterday is titled the "Caps are Goal Oriented" about Glen Hanlon shuffling the lines to find some offensive chemistry. There is talent on this team. Hanlon needs to figure out how to make that talent perform. Let's hope he does, sooner rather than later.

The Tampa Bay Lightning come to town tonight.

Let's go Caps!

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