Tuesday, October 09, 2007

2 more points, thanks to Olie

Olie got the 1st star for the 2nd Capital's game in a row and it was well deserved. The Caps were outshot 31-12 and escaped the Islanders with a win only on the back of Olie the goalie. The "puck possession strategy" didn't work nearly as well yesterday as it did against the Thrashers/Hurricanes this past weekend. A former Capital and defenseman, Brendan Witt, stymied the Caps quite a bit yesterday.

The goal scorers for the game...Kozlov off a beautiful set up pass from Ovie and Brooks Laich on a play that Nylander made happen via a shot from Pothier. I give credit to Laich for being aware and getting the rebound from the Pothier shot and shooting it around Dipietro before he could react.

On special teams for this game, the Caps kept their penalty kill streak of no goals being scored against them, but they did not convert on their powerplay opportunities so that area still needs some help.

Great tidbits from Tarik El-Bashir's blog about the game:
  • Dipietro thinks Kozlov dented his glove with his shot. Joe B. and Craig L. mentioned that Dipietro kept staring at his glove after that shot.
  • The Caps 12 shots on goal was the lowest total in a victory EVER for this franchise. Thanks again Olie!

In other Caps news:

Tarik's article in the Washington Post on Ovie's new commitment to defense is a good read. Ovie's focus on becoming a top two way player is very good news for the Capitals!

The Caps have a slight break and return to action against the Rangers on Friday.

Let's go Caps!

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