Friday, October 26, 2007

Thank you Clarkie!

In my "the good, bad and ugly" post, I mentioned that many people have wondered, where has Chris Clark been this year? Well, after shuffling the lines on Wed in the game against Tampa Bay, Chris ended up back on the top line with Ovie and scored two goals. We like that. We like it even more when the Caps win 5-3. Dave Stekel recorded his first NHL goal, Brooks Laich netted a goal and Ovie hit an empty netter when the Caps were protecting a one goal lead.

The power play still sucked big time, going 0-4 and dropping its effectiveness to 4 for 39 or 10% for this season. Teams do not go to the playoffs in this NHL without scoring on the power play so the Caps need to figure out the power play problem and soon!

Tonight, dreaded net minder Roberto Luongo and Vancouver come into town tonight. Luongo has the Caps number (he has my team's number in EA hockey so I can relate LOL), plus the Sedin twins are playing great hockey for Vancouver so the Caps defense will also have their hands full. But, hey Brian Pothier is a +5 for this year (yes, you read that right) so we'll see how the blue liners fare against the Sedin twins.

Let's go Caps!

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