Thursday, October 11, 2007

Ted's blogglings....

The NY Islanders have started a "Blog Box" where they allow bloggers to participate in the media events and sit in the press box. This has caused quite a stir in the blogosphere as one blogger, Eric McErlain from Off Wing Opinion thinks that this is the Isles way of controlling the new media and limiting negative comments from bloggers, particularly, "fan" bloggers. James Mirtle, a blogger and sports journalist, in a rebuttal to McErlain's position says the following:

"On the flip side, I also don't see why others can't enjoy the experience as hockey fans, whoop it up and pump out whatever they want on their blogs. (Besides, for all of the coverage we're seeing piped out of the Capitals' press box these days, how critical a voice are we getting? Here was a team that was a bottom feeder last season that offered plenty of opportunities to be dumped on, but did we really see that from Ted Leonsis's new legion of blogglings?)"

I commented on Mirtle's blog and told him he's free to read my fan blog and check out just how critical of this team I can be....

Let's go Caps!

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