Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I'm Glad Ovie Still has Faith

Before I start my ranting, and that happens every time the Caps play because I can't stand watching anymore, I'll share a story that spins a positive note on the Cap's rebuilding. The British?!?! Guardian online has an article from Reuters on the Cap's "youth movement" and Ovie says in the article that his job is to play hockey and he believes in management's plan to rebuild the team. More importantly, it says Ovie wants to stay in Washington. I can only hope that's true...

Right now, I just want this absolutely horrendous season to end. Hanlon says in that same article something to the effect that the Caps are "on plan". If this team is on plan, then somebody better set the bar a little higher because they took a major step backwards this year in my eyes. At least, at the end of last season the Caps were playing well and knocking people out of the playoffs. That gave me hope for this season which lasted through the fall and then went down the toilet along with the Caps starting in December. They've played 3+ months of horrible hockey. I know, injuries, mono, the flu and everything else that could happen did happen to the Caps but it happens to other hockey teams, too, so it's not an excuse. Good hockey teams find ways to win....

As it says in my blog title, I've been a frustrated Caps fan since 1974 and what makes my frustration worse now is that the Caps are the only Washington sports team I watch with any emotion invested. Dan Snyder ruined my lifelong devotion to the Redskins (I started watching at age 4 as there was no other option in my house on Sundays) with his fantasy football management of that team and his seemingly incomprehensible aversion to hiring a real GM (Joe Gibbs, you're still awesome, but you need a Bobby Beathard). I haven't had time to become emotionally invested in the Nationals and I'm a complete novice when it comes to baseball. Professional basketball has never been as compelling to me as college (don't know why, it just isn't) so I don't follow the Wizards, except in the paper. So, that leaves me with the "going nowhere fast Capitals" and hockey, a game I completely adore for its speed, athleticism and skill.

So, will my favorite team give me any hope next year? Right now, I'm very skeptical of the "plan". Players with potential, a word I've learned to hate, haven't developed so is that a coaching issue? I don't know, but I'm questioning everything right now. GMGM landed a good deal with Milan Jurcina, but this constant revolving door of players is beginning to remind me of the Redskins even though the Caps use the budget strategy versus the buy a Super Bowl team strategy. This summer will be very telling.

Let's go Caps!



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