Monday, February 26, 2007

1 Win, 1 Loss and Ovie Gets a Goal

The Caps beat the NJ Devils on Saturday 4-2. Jurcina, Fleischman (netted his 1st NHL goal), Semin and Pettinger scored. On Sunday, they played the Devils again and lost 3-2, but at least, the Caps seem to be playing better than they have of late. Ovie scored a goal to end his 6-game scoring drought so that was the best news of the game. Brent Johnson looked great in goal yesterday making some spectacular saves even though they didn't win. Semin didn't play for the final 10-minutes of the 3rd period in Sunday's game and the speculation is that Hanlon was unhappy with him. Fan speculation (from the message boards) is that Semin is hogging the puck and playing without a lot of energy. Let's hope that changes soon.

The talk this week is of trades as the trading deadline looms. GMGM did say the Capitals will be making trade deals and Zednik, Zubrus and Heward seem to be the three players mentioned as potential trade candidates. This will be interesting...

The Florida Panthers head here for a game tomorrow night.

Let's go Caps!

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