Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Misery Continues in Ottawa

The Caps lost 5-2 in Ottawa on Saturday night. They played better than their game against Florida, but it wasn't enough and the earlier season hopes for a playoff appearance this year are growing dimmer by the day. No one predicted the Caps would make the playoffs this year, but the team developed a reputation for being a hard working team that won some tough games and made other hockey teams pay attention. I'm using the past tense in the prior sentence for a reason...the hard work ethic seems to be fading of late and this team is nowhere near good enough to compete if they don't work hard.

The only good news from the Ottawa game was that Steve Eminger got a goal and an assist. I'll be thrilled if Eminger's game continues to improve and he finally demonstrates that he can play up to his potential as an NHL defenseman.

The worst news from the game...rookie defenseman Mike Green took a puck to the foot and left the game after playing a couple more shifts. I'm getting sick to death of Capital defensemen going out with foot injuries but I can only hope he's not out for long. The Caps defense is the worst part of their game as it is...although the offense needs to step it up, too and, of course I'm not talking about the Alex's...they're doing just fine.

In the hopes that the Caps may actually win a game if I don't watch, I will not watch the game tonight against the Carolina Hurricanes.

Let's go Caps!

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