Friday, January 12, 2007

Caps Fan Frustration in Tampa Bay

The game last night made me want to hurl my remote control through the TV once Tampa went up 5-4 in the 3rd. The Caps really needed to win that game. Okay, so the offense went on another tear - with 2 from Semin, 1 from Chris Clarke and 1 from Ben Clymer (What? 2 goals in 2 games from Clymer?), but offense is irrelevant since they lost. It just highlights the glaring problems on defense. Olie made 20 saves instead of the 40+ the last time they played Tampa so I guess I should be happy that the shots against has improved since the beginning of the season. But, I'm not.

Hanlon & the coaching staff apparently handed over the "leadership" role for the team to the captains & assistants starting with the win over Montreal. Hanlon mentioned that he thought the coaching staff was getting too crazy about where they are in the standings (boy, do I understand that since I only look at standings points and ignore the record). more here in the Washington Post.

In other Caps news, Brent Johnson got signed to a 2-year contract extension. So, Hanlon, when in the hell are you going to rest Olie and put Brent back in goal? I think it's ridiculous that Olie's played 9 games in a row. I'd really like him to be around for another few years when the Caps have a legitimate shot at going deep in the playoffs but he shouldn't be playing 9 games in a row now.

Caps visit the Florida Panthers tomorrow. If they don't win that game, I'm not quite sure my TV will survive.

Let's go Caps!

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