Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Losses Pile Up & a Great Ovie Article

Argghhhh....that's all I have to say about the Caps lack of scoring and their 6th loss in a row. Glen Hanlon, according to the Washington Post, this morning isn't "panicking" yet, but is concerned about their lack of scoring as he should be. I think this losing slump is highlighting some glaring deficiencies in the Caps team. Not that anyone expected this young team do anything this year, but the Caps have played hard and were hanging in there with most teams until the last six games. The best post I read about where the Caps are today and the glaring inconsistentcy of some of their players - Zednik, Laich, Klepis, Beech etc. is in this blog, On Frozen Pond.

On a positive note, the Washington Post magazine this weekend had Ovie on the cover and it was a wonderful story that really tells a lot about Ovie's character as well as his playing skills. If you're a Caps fan or just an Ovie fan, it's a great read. Find it here. Thanks Washington Post for giving us Caps fans something to read!

Caps take on Tampa Bay tonight. Here's hoping for a win. Let's go Caps!


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