Monday, November 20, 2006

A Tired & Battered Team

The Caps battled against the Bruins and came away with 1 standing point after losing in overtime on a power play goal. Bryan Muir got the tripping penalty at the worst possible time. Muir tends to hurt the Caps more than he helps them and the other night was no exception. The Caps made a heroic effort in the game considering they were without Clark, Zubrus and Semin.

Ovie got another goal to put him at 13 and tied for 5th on the NHL leader board. Zednik came away with two assists after coming back from an injury and Klepis got the other goal in the Cap's effort. Brent Johnson was, once again, great in goal with 35 saves. Too bad the Caps can't seem to give him more Ws.

Clark, the Caps captain, got hit in the mouth with a puck that required extensive surgery. Mike Vogel's blog has a great story about Clark staying in the game after the puck hit him because the puck was still in the Caps defensive zone. This is one of the reasons I like Chris Clark so much and why he's been such a great captain. He truly is a leader that raises the bar for the other players on the team. I hope he's here on the day the Caps bring home Lord Stanley's cup. Yes, I am a dreamer....

The Caps have a break until Wednesday when they face the Thrashers again. Let's go Caps!


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