Friday, October 31, 2014

Caps Ovie on Locker Room and Backie's 500th Point

Although the Caps played a flat game against the Edmonton Oilers, there are still positives signs from the team in the last several games, but Barry Trotz needs to get them back to playing like the first period against Montreal to start the season. Alex Ovechkin played a lackluster game in Edmonton, which typically means the Caps struggle. They lost 2-3, but still showed unbelievable cycling on the power play and forechecking, not typical strengths of this team.

Right now, I'm more interested in Ovie's quotes in recent interviews and Trotz's early assessments of his star winger than the Caps struggles these past two games. Those issues are surmountable. Watching the Caps play under an experienced NHL head coach is such an improvement over the last several seasons that I believe Trotz can right the ship when they start looking like last year's Caps.

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Let's go Caps!

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