Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Caps Fans Waited For This? Brian MacLellan Promoted to GM

Really Ted? You hired the guy that worked for General Manager George McPhee, as assistant GM for the past seven years, and a guy that has been in the organization for thirteen years. Clearly neither you nor Dick Patrick want to win a Cup because if you did, MacLellan would not be your new general manager. How someone inside the organization qualifies as "fresh eyes" that can look critically at this team is beyond me. Were you turned down by other candidates? That's the only reason this decision would make sense to me.

The Caps problems start with drafting and trading for players that aren't hard workers and won't get dirty by sitting in front of the net to score, as an example. Teams that win the Cup play hard. The Caps don't. That's a culture problem that the Caps have had since the Alex Ovechkin era began. You can't fix that problem by promoting someone that's been in the organization while that culture was created. There are specific player needs, too, like stronger defense, better goal tending and depth down the middle, but the culture needs fixed, too, and that's harder to do. 

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Let's go Caps!

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