Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Caps Coaching and Lack of Focus

What happened between the end of last year, when the Caps seemed to be gelling under Coach Adam Oates as they played hard to get into the playoffs, and this year. They're in an even worse situation for reaching the playoffs today, but when I watch them I wonder when they're going to remember that they have to play hard to reach the playoffs. Are they already scheduling tee times?

During the game against the Boston Bruins, the Caps slept walked through the first period and then, in the second period, the Bruins scored three goals with two of those in 41 seconds. The Caps lost that game 4-2. Against the Nashville Predators, the Caps shot 5 pucks at the net and had no traffic in front of the net at the end of the first period. Caps lost focus again in a 'must win' game and barely walked away with one point.

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Let's go Caps!

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