Saturday, February 26, 2011

Trying to break a 1974-1975 Caps record

I officially hate the players, the coaches and the GM of this Washington Capitals team right now.  The Caps didn't show up last night again and lost in embarrassing fashion 6-0 to the New York Rangers again (gee, one less goal than the 7-0 debacle the last time they played the Rangers). It was the 9th time the Caps were shutout this season. The 1974-1975 Caps were shutout 12 times and won only 8 games - great team to emulate, huh?

There are no valid excuses for this team's abysmal play and continual lack of effort.  We, your fans, at least, deserve effort when you're on the ice.  With the exception of Alex Ovechkin and Michal Neurvirth last night there was very little effort and that has happened far too often this season. I'm also tired of hearing the same old bullshit comments that continue to spew forth from the players, the coaches, the GM and the owner because it's all empty talk so, please, just stop talking.

The Caps play the New York Islanders tonight.  Sigh, it's not even enjoyable to watch anymore.

Let's go Caps!

p.s. Mercedes advertising people, please wake up.  If you're so clueless as to think that cup holder commercial is a hit with Caps fans, let me open your eyes.  You've pretty much guaranteed I'll never buy a Mercedes as that commercial is like rubbing salt in an open wound to long-time Caps fans.  Ugh.

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