Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ovie & Backie get 1 point for the Caps at 19:59

The Caps played terrible defense last night (from what little of the game I was able to watch) and only got 1 point against the New Jersey Devils based on a heroic effort by Nicklas Backstrom and Alex Ovechkin to tie the game in regulation with 1 second left.  Backstrom somehow found Ovie through a scrum in front of the Devil's net and Ovie potted the goal over the defender that was in the crease and netminder Scott Clemmensen.   Wow, just wow.  For those of worried about Ovie and Backstrom's slow starts (and I was), they're back!  

This defensive debacle of a game ended at a 5-5 tie and went to the shootout where the Caps aren't terribly successful.  Many fans, including myself, are still questioning why Coach Boudreau keeps putting Ovie on the shootout (we love him, but the shootout is not his friend) and no one has any earthly clue why he picked Boyd Gordon last night to shoot 3rd.  Hmm, I'd pick Matt Bradley before I'd put Gordon on the shootout.  A head scratcher, indeed.

The Caps have a rough road trip against 3 of the top 5 West Coast teams starting on Wednesday.  I hope the defense gets it together before then.

Let's go Caps!

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