Thursday, November 06, 2008

Caps continue digging a hole

I'm having a hard time mustering enthusiasm for the team and the sport that I love the most lately.   If this team played like they really cared, it'd be a lot easier to cheer them on, win or lose, but the Caps haven't really shown up this season except when they beat Vancouver.   That's the most frustrating part to me.  

Last season, the Caps knew they had to play hard each and every night to achieve the impossible dream of making it from last place in November to first in the SE division and they did.  So, what in the world are they waiting for this season? The goal this year wasn't just to make it to the playoffs, but to advance past the first round, something the Caps haven't done in ten very long years.

On Tuesday, the Caps lost in overtime 2-1 to the Ottawa Senators.   Luckily, they got 1 point out of that game on the back of a stellar performance by net minder Brent Johnson.  He made 42 saves and his poke check save on Daniel Alfredsson's breakaway was a thing of beauty.   Brent Johnson will be in net tonight against the Carolina Hurricanes as he should be.

The Caps now have 12 points out of 11 games which puts them in 18th place in the league as of today.  Yuck.  I hope they start playing up to their potential.

Tonight, the SE division leading Carolina Hurricanes come to the phone booth.

Let's go Caps!

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At 6:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was actually encouraged a bit in this game. I think a lot of it has to do with Ovie being back, but the team actually displayed signs of caring and earning a paycheck. The defense still sucked and the passing isn't worth a damn either, but they did manage to control the play better in the other end. The fact they they held Ottawa to only 2 goals says something, although Ottawa missed some good chances to widen their lead. Johnson looked good in goal. Also, what has happened to slap shots and one timers? Why does it seem like they are only doing wrist shots. I can only hope they will wake up before their whole is too deep to get out of.

Great blog!!


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