Wednesday, February 05, 2014

What if Neuvirth Played in 2011 Playoffs?

Now that Michal Neuvirth, once again, seems to be the Caps goalie du jour, I looked at a blog post I wrote in 2011 because I remember writing about him as the Caps headed to the playoffs under then Coach Bruce Boudreau. Here's what I wrote.

Did the Caps blow it? Hockey goalies are notoriously mental to begin with -- see Braden Holtby's pre-game routine or Ilya Bryzgalov's press conferences -- and all of the Caps coaches, Bruce Boudreau, Dale Hunter and Adam Oates, employed the play the hot hand strategy with the young goalies, which brings us to today. Has the goalie merry-go-round hurt all the Caps young goaltenders mentally? Would the Caps be in a better place today if they'd settled on Neuvirth in 2011? 

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Let's go Caps!

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