Saturday, May 05, 2012

Taking a break with the Nats

Instead of watching the Caps eke out a 3-2 win over the Rangers to even up their playoff series 2-2, I visited Nationals Park and watched the Nats beat up on the Phillies 7-1 today.  How sweet it is when Philly fans feel pain when they're invading the home team's park.  They weren't the majority of fans, but there were still a lot of them.  Watching the former Philly, Jayson Werth, hit a three run homer to put the Nats ahead for good and inject further pain into Phillies fans made the day enjoyable.  A Caps win cemented that.

A friend of mine, Susan, was also at the Nats game.  We were texting during the game and I texted that watching the Nats was so relaxing versus watching the Caps.  After the game, we met up and she told me she had to turn off the Nats game last night because she couldn't stand the pressure.  That's how I am about the Caps, but not about the Nats...yet.

Of course, I checked in on the Caps game during the baseball game.  With two minutes left in the hockey game and the Caps up by one, I started hitting refresh on my phone over and over.  Then, my phone jumps to a different screen and I'm going nuts.  Meanwhile the guy in front of me turned around and said, "hey, the Caps won" because it was being shown on the screen at the stadium.  I felt like a complete idiot.  I was so buried in my device, I missed that.  Pathetic.

But, nice touch for the Nats to show quick highlights of the Caps game, including Mike Green's GWG.  It's been a while Mike.  Glad to see you can still score.

The Caps evened up their series against the Rangers and the Nats are still in first place in the NL East.  I couldn't ask for more on a Saturday in May.

Let's go Caps!

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