Thursday, April 12, 2012

And, so it begins...with Caps down by 1 game

After the most tumultuous season of the Alex Ovechkin era, the Caps are in the playoffs, as the 7th seed, and playing the Boston Bruins.  As I watch the game, the Caps are playing Dale Hunter's defensive style of hockey, but they aren't generating any offense. 17 shots in a game is not going to win games in this series.

One thing that can win a series is a hot goaltender -- see Tim Thomas and Boston Bruins last year. The Caps have an untested, AHL, 22 year-old goalie minding the net in this series.  So far, Braden Holtby, has responded.   He played a great game tonight, even though he should have had the game winning goal.  I like his competitiveness and the way he defends his crease.  He reminds me of Olie, as many people have said.

So, what are my expectations for the Caps this playoff season?  I have none. None, none, none. The game tonight didn't even raise my blood pressure -- not even when the Bruins won. I'm numb when it comes to Caps playoff hockey.  It's better for my health that way.

Let's go Caps!

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