Saturday, November 26, 2011

Just pathetic

There's nothing positive to say about the Caps right now.  They got smacked around in Toronto 7-1 when the Leafs had seven players out and they just finished getting trounced by the AHL Buffalo Sabres, 5-1. The Sabres have nine players out.  GMGM talks about Mike Green's injury as if it's the only thing wrong with the Caps.  I'm so sick of excuses from this organization. If the Caps can't succeed without Mike Green, they're screwed and that's not what's wrong with them anyway. They've quit.  If GMGM and Ted can't see that, then they're blind.

The Caps continued their wonderful tradition tonight of allowing a rookie to score his first NHL goal against them.  They must lead in that statistic although I'm too lazy to figure that out.  It's optional, like the Caps players showing up for their last two games.

I'll say thank you Caps for winning one on Wed against Winnepeg 4-3, since my brother and his girlfriend, long-distance Caps fans were in town for the game.  And, whippee, Ovie even scored at home.

But, after these past two games, I'm embarrassed to be a Caps fan because of their unprofessional play.

I hope something changes soon.

Let's go Caps!

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