Saturday, June 11, 2011


Please excuse my yelling, but if I hear Ted, GMGM or Coach Boudreau talk about how the Caps won the East again I'm going to throw my remote through my TV.  Well, not really, since the Caps aren't worthy of causing me to have to buy a new TV.   GMGM apparently (and I say apparently because I didn't listen to his interview on NHL Live) once again, spouted the bullshit that the Caps won the East.  The Caps were the number one seed in the East going into the playoffs, they didn't win the East.  If they won the East, they would be playing in the Stanley Cup finals.  The Boston Bruins won the East and I saw them get the Prince of Wales trophy that comes with winning the East.  The Bruins should feel insulted every time someone from the Caps organization mentions that the Caps won the East.

The Caps should man up and learn how to play playoff hockey instead of pulling stupid non-existent accolades out of their ass.  They don't deserve kudos for anything.

The off season hasn't even begun and I'm already depressed about next season because the Caps won't come close to sniffing a Stanley Cup any time soon with this useless patting themselves on the back for winning nothing.  As I always caveat, I hope they prove me wrong because I want to be proven wrong...desperately.

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At 10:45 PM, Anonymous Ben Sumner said...

Eastern conference champions, dude. They get a banner for it. Obviously it's useless if they don't win in the playoffs but it's not a 'non-existent accolade.'

At 10:52 PM, Blogger Caps Dreamer said...

They aren't the Eastern Conference champions, the Boston Bruins are. There is no banner for being the number one seed in the East at the end of the regular season.

At 10:58 PM, Anonymous Ben Sumner said...

Ah, my fault, mixed that up with last season's President's Trophy but it's very clear that the Caps take pride in being first in the East two seasons in a row and that's what they're talking about in those statements. Getting picky on wording when you know what they really mean ain't something to get bent out of shape about.

At 11:09 PM, Blogger Caps Dreamer said...

I get bent out of shape because this team should be winning a lot more than the #1 seed in the East. It's an extremely talented team that continues to underperform and I find these words, semantics or not, a deflection/excuse that isn't helpful in fixing what's wrong with this team.


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