Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Utter Failure

That's what the Washington Capitals achieved this season.

Boy, does it suck to be a sports fan in this town.



At 7:35 PM, Blogger nikki decoy said...

I disagree with this post 100%. It wasn't utter failure and it wasn't a wasted season. See you in October unless you're a fairweather fan.

At 8:49 PM, Blogger Caps Dreamer said...

You're entitled to your opinion, of course, just as I'm entitled to mine. What, exactly, about this season wasn't wasted? I'm interested in hearing your answer so I hope you reply. I don't know how many times you've seen the Caps implode in the playoffs, but I'm pretty tired of it, particularly, when they have a 3-1 lead. And, just in case you didn't notice, I started watching the Caps in 1974 so it's a bit insulting to suggest I'm a fair weather fan because I've been there, at the games, through good times and bad.

At 4:26 PM, Blogger nikki decoy said...

And you are entitled, just like everyone. I'm just frustrated with how rash everyone is reacting. So, your post immediately struck a chord even as short as it was. Sorry for my own rash reaction. Two wrongs don't make a right.

I have seen them blow up many times. It's frustrating to see them blow up again. I've also been on college teams that blow up in their own playoffs. No Stanley Cup run, but very similar concept. You have a D1 school recruiting athletes, paying us essentially- you expect your director and coach to deliver a team titles and victories. You can have a great coach and if the players do not show up mentally or passionately... you will lose.

Yes, it's frustrating.

Yes, there are shoulda, coulda, wouldas.

But I don't think losing in round one makes the season wasted because we still learned a lot of things. The Caps finally had to learn the hard way shooting radical amounts of shots will not always get you goals. Not when you have a hot goaltender... .978 save ratio for that last stretch. You learn that you really should have set that "star" forward... despite what they may have done in the regular season. You learn that perhaps olympic breaks should not be taken. You have players that need to learn to play through to the whistle. The Caps have a horrible habit of stopping play expecting a call when let's face it... we're not going to get them with certain officials.

The team is still young, they'll be hungry again... in a year we'll see them and hopefully the one's who are still here learned a lot from the experience about themselves and that it takes more than a good coach, a full roster, and stick skills to win...

I was at every home game. Every single one I saw a lack of desire. They were cocky. When they got cocky... they got frustrated that it wasn't playing out in their favor. And it's not every player- but a large enough group that it sure was noticed.

So, we have a great season under our belts- our best season in franchise history. We can only continue to do great things. Baby steps. We're only getting better.

At 6:06 PM, Blogger Caps Dreamer said...

Thank you for your very thoughtful reply Nikki and apology accepted. I completely agree with you about the cockiness and the lack of desire. I saw it, too, and that's why I'm so pissed right now.

I know they're still young and I adore John Carlson (see prior post), but I'm struggling to understand what it is they need to do now to be successful in the playoffs. That's what worries me so, I hope you're right, that age will bring maturity and the hunger to win that they must have.

At 6:26 AM, Blogger nikki decoy said...

Oh, I squeeled when I saw they had Alzner/Carlson as a pairing. I hope they keep them both for quite some time. Although my boyfriend thinks they'll trade Matty P. and Alzner... *chews fingers* I sure hope not. I absolutely adore mini-Ovi/Mighty Mouse (Perreault).

Any who, looking forward to more blogs. And see you in about 4 months. :)


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