Wednesday, January 06, 2010

John Carlson's sublime finish for Team USA

John Carlson streaked up the ice in overtime against Canada for the gold medal and set up for the pass.  And, without looking at the goalie, he whipped a shot right past him for the game winning goal in Team USA's upset win over the Candians at the World Junior Hockey Tournament.  It was Carlson's second game winning goal in a row in the tournament.  But, it was his defense (he is a defenseman, after all) that was just as impressive as his canny ability to find the back of the net for game winning goals.  He ended the 7 games of the tournament playing +8 hockey, he blocked shots, made smart outlet passes, hit plenty, battled hard and made the safe dump play, when necessary.  Carlson's offensive ability was definitely on display, too, with 4 goals, 3 assists for 7 points in 7 games.  Not too shabby, at all.  

John Carlson's
NHL debut started against the Montreal Canadiens on November 28th.  It went okay, not great as his nerves showed, but he was credited with 5 hits that night (correction from my post last night - Carlson was #1 in hits that night with the #2 guy being the now team captain, Alex Ovechkin).  His second game agaimst the Toronto Maples Leafs, he ended with 1 hit, 1 blocked shot, 1 giveaway and 1 takeaway for a -1 night.  Carlson's final game against the Ottawa Senators, where he only had 11:33 minutes of work, he had 2 blocked shots and ended +1.  Overall, not great, but not horrible.  He needs more experience and he'll get it with the Hershey Bears this year, but, if his development continues as it has, I expect to see him on the Caps next year.

And, tomorrow at the phone booth, I will proudly sport his #74 Caps red home jersey for the first time.  There is no doubt we'll see him in it again this season.

Meanwhile, the Caps bounce back from a three game losing streak to win 4-2 against the Canadiens under the first game of unanimously voted in team captain, Alex Ovechkin.  He game them new energy last night.  Congrats Ovie! Now, take this team to the Cup :)

Tomorrow night, the Ottawa Senators.

Let's go Caps!

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