Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The great 8 is back and Caps fan favorite nets GWG

Alex Ovechkin returns after two weeks, the longest absence of his career, and nets a power play goal on his signature shot from the point.  Welcome back Ovie! Ovie also had 7 hits, so I don't think that injury is bothering him too much.  

Matt Bradley, after bleeding all over Aaron Voros, scored the game winning goal on a breakaway.   To be fair to fan favorite, Brads, he did get some good punches in on Voros.  But, I'm tired of seeing Bradley bleeding.  He played a great game though.

The other unsung hero of the game, Quintin Laing, left the game with a broken jaw after blocking a shot with his face.  If all the Caps played with the heart, grit and intensity that Laing does on every shift, they'd have multiple Stanley Cups by now.  He is a hero and I hope he joins the Caps again soon. 

Not that I'll complain about the Cap's intensity last night.  They played a complete sixty minutes, without letting themselves get down after Marian Gaborik scored 1:16 into the game, and persevered against the chippy New York Rangers, to win 4-2.  There is intense hatred brewing between these two teams.  Pushing and shoving is commonplace between whistles.  I'm sure the Rangers are still ticked about Sergei Fedorov sending them home from the playoffs last year.

Next up, the Montreal Canadiens

Let's go Caps!

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