Monday, October 28, 2013

Is Holtby a Stanley Cup contending goalie?

Despite being pulled after Calgary scored three goals in thirteen minutes against the Caps on Saturday, Braden Holtby is playing steadier in net than last season.  Oates didn't pull Holtby because of his play.  He wanted to spark the team.  Holtby fumed and jawed at his teammates as he skated off.  I've yet to hear what he said, but I'm sure he wasn't complementing his teammates on their pathetic defense.

Holtby, a fiery net minder, much like his current coach Olaf Kolzig, doesn't hesitate to let his teammates know when the way they're playing is unacceptable.    But, how does Holtby's play stack up, regardless of the Caps defensive play?  Is Holtby comfortable enough to play solid in net with a shaky defense in front of him?  Can he elevate his game to the place successful goalies must go to play effectively in the Stanley Cup playoffs and finals?

Let's go Caps!

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