Saturday, March 14, 2009

Caps tough one out to get 2 points in Philly

It's hard for me to decide which team from the state of Pennsylvania I hate most, the Pittsburgh Penguins or the Philadelphia Flyers. I think the Flyers have a slight edge right now as the Caps lost to them in game 7 in OT during the first round of the playoffs last year and they trounced the Caps 7-1 in December.  On Thursday, at least, the Caps came out on top 2-1 at Philly for a nice mini road trip that ended with 4 points.

Alex Ovechkin scored, assisted and made the biggest defensive play of the game, by knocking the puck off a streaking Flyer's stick while sliding on the ice, for the first star.  On the power play goal, Ovie shot to the net and Brooks Laich, perfectly positioned in front of the net, deflected the shot for the goal.  The Caps win more games when they remember to park themselves in front of the net.  Ovie's game winning 48th goal with a pass from Alexander Semin came with 2:41 left in the game.  Semin interupted a Philly pass and sent it to Ovie in a beautiful move to get that goal.  

The Caps penalty killers were stellar killing off 3 penalties in the first period and Jose Theodore made some highlight reel stops on Philly to get the 2nd star and keep the team in the game for the win. 

The puck drops in two hours against the Carolina Hurricanes who are fighting for the 8th spot in the playoffs.  They'll be hungry as every game counts for them so it'll be interesting.

Let's go Caps!

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At 11:56 AM, Blogger Caps37 said...

I hate Philly, but Pittsburgh takes the cake. The Pens have been the Caps worst nightmare come playoff time and the fact that the "face of the NHL," as they say, now plays for them is added fuel to the fire. That, plus the fact that I think Jagr everytime I think Pens is enough to make anyone sick.

At 7:47 PM, Blogger Caps Dreamer said...

I hear you and I hate the Pens a lot but, at this moment, I'm more bitter about the OT loss in game 7 last year. The playoff losses against the Pens have been awful. And, Jagr, gag, I never wanted him here. Sydney, well what we can do about that. I'd rather have Ovie on my team any day of the week as he's such a joy to watch.


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