Sunday, March 01, 2009

Capitals choke and miss an opportunity

Elite teams play as hard against teams that are behind them in the standings as they do against teams they are trying to catch in the standings.  The Caps, on the other hand, seem to consistently follow up a strong game against a top opponent, see Boston yesterday, to take a team that is trying to catch them in the standings, the Florida Panthers, way too lightly.  The result...they got shellacked by them for a 6-2 loss.  Ugh.

Putting Sergei Fedorov on defense means Coach Bruce Boudreau got as tired of the putrid defensive play as the rest of the fans.  Coach Boudreau needs to find a way to motivate this team to play better on defense, in general, play as a team, quit trying to do it as individuals, stop making stupid cross ice passes that result in giveaways and stay out of the damn penalty box.  It's quite simple but this team fails to execute in a consistent manner and they give up two points.

Goaltending wasn't much better.  Jose Theodore, the losing goalie, got pulled after letting in four shots. Michal Neuvirth couldn't save the Caps and let in two goals.

A disgusting loss.

The Caps play the Carolina Hurricanes on Tuesday.

Let's go Caps!


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