Sunday, January 18, 2009

Caps beat Boston in a close 2-1 match

I'm watching the replay tonight instead of watching the game live as I was out to dinner with friends last night. I'm glad I had the opportunity to watch the replay so I could see why everyone thought John Erskine had a great game.  Erskine doesn't get a star very often and is usually the subject of intense invective from the fans on a frequent basis. Alexander Semin got the first star of the game with his beautiful game winning goal that shocked one of the league leading NHL net minders, Tim Thomas.

Random comments since I didn't see the original game:

  • John Erskine clearing the crease! Yes, that is what the Caps need on defense.  Last season in the playoffs, the Flyers kept running Cristobal Huet and it was irritating.  I'm still not convinced Erskine is worth his new $1.5M contract, but damn he's looked good since he's been back from having a concussion.
  • Alexander Semin's blast of a shot right past Thomas after making a couple of Boston defenders look silly was fun to watch.  Semin has some sick moves.
  • Karl Alzner clearing the puck out of the zone on that final Erskine penalty kill helped the Caps out tremendously.
  • Was Alex Ovechkin's hit on Dennis Wideman a kneeing?  I honestly can't tell after watching the replay?  The Boston announcers called it a hip check, but who knows.  Ovie's a big guy and when he throws that weight around at the speed he goes it's a tough cal
So, tomorrow Caps fans get treated to a 2:00 pm special against the New York Islanders on a day that is not a holiday for everyone including the other hockey fan that lives in my house. Yes, we're highly annoyed.  

Let's go Caps!

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