Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Caps roll over again against Philly

Yes, they won the first game, but barely and only due to a 3rd period offensive surge, but the past two games, including last night's 6-3 loss, have been stinkers against the Philadelphia Flyers. This team looks like a young, inexperienced team that has been outplayed and outcoached. It's a miracle the series isn't 3-0 Philly right now.

What worked for Coach Boudreau in his AHL championship run isn't going to cut it in the NHL playoffs. What worked for the Caps to actually reach the playoffs isn't going to cut it either. It's a different game in the playoffs and Coach BB and the players need to figure it out.

The thing that is most distressing to me is the fact that the Caps are rolling over and letting Philly get away with anything they want to do. What happened to the heart & soul of this team? Where is the team that stood up for each other and fought their way into the playoffs? I never thought the Caps would go deep into the playoffs this year, but I didn't think they'd stink it up this badly either. Thankfully, they did, because this rude awakening to playoff hockey will hopefully make the team (and management) adjust.

I said management, specifically, because, if Ted & GMGM think the "rebuilding" is over, they better take another hard look at the defense and they better start looking for some gritty hockey players, in general, to balance out the softness of this team. It'll be tough to ever go deep in the playoffs without it, much less win a championship. The Caps right now look about as tough as the Mighty Mites.

Coach BB is shaking up the lines moving Sergei Fedorov up to center Ovie & Kozlov and putting Nicklas Backstrom down on the 2nd line. Backstrom has been completely overwhelmed in the playoffs, but I'm not sure this change will do much for them and it messes with the line chemistry. I've also heard in the media that he's keeping Cristobal Huet in net. I'd like to see Olie in net instead because I think he can cause a spark and bring that desperately needed toughness to the game (even though that shouldn't be the net minder's focus!) And, that's not a knock on Huet. He's had zero help from his teammates.

Game 4, tomorrow, Wachovia Center, 7 pm.

Let's go Caps!

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