Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Ovie takes the game with Varly's support

The phone booth crowd rocked the red in a deafening cacophony of Caps fan cheering, screaming, blaring horns, taunting Fleury and going nuts.  That was my most sublime live hockey experience ever.  To watch Alex Ovechkin take over a game from the Pittsburgh Penguins with his two goals for the hat trick in under three minutes starting at 12:53 in the third period was awesome.  The only thing better will be watching the Washington Capitals life the Stanley Cup and, no, that's not a prediction about this year.  See my tagline.

Simeon Valamov, leading in GAA with 1.51, continues to impress and kept the Caps in the game last night too often for comfort.  His sprawling side to side saves look like something you'd see in Olympic gymnastics. 

David Steckel got another important goal last night, too.  Coach Bourdreau says he gets up for big games.  He is most definitely showing that during the playoffs.

I loved that game even though playoff hockey is killing me as a fan.  These one goal games and being tied in the 3rd are way too stressful.

The Capitals move to Mellon Arena to battle the Penguins in their barn tomorrow night.

Let's go Caps!

p.s. Oh, and yes, Sydney Crosby had his own hat trick and played a good game to keep his team competitive, but I'm a Caps fan and have no interest in writing about him - enough other NHL venues take care of that :)

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At 10:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad that you didn't mention any thing further about the little twit's hat trick considering that he whined and cried about all the hats that were thrown to the ice after Ovie's. He is such a nerve racking SOB and needs to grow up in the league and not be the little spoiled brat he must have been his whole life. If anything, I feel that his hat trick tainted Ovie's glorius moment. When will the defense kick the shit out of him as he comes across the middle? Bring on John Carlson!!!!!!


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