Sunday, March 16, 2008

Godzilla joins an elite group and Caps get 4 points

Olie Kolzig became only the 23rd goalie to reach 300 wins in the NHL. Congrats Olie! More importantly, the Caps beat Calgary 3-2 to gain 2 desperately needed points to keep their playoff hopes alive. Alex Ovechkin netted #55 and #56 and Viktor Kozlov got the other goal in the win.

The Caps followed that game with a 4-1 victory over the Atlanta Thrashers on Friday night. That was a good hockey game. Brooks Laich scored 2 goals, Ovie got #57 and Matt Cooke, the new guy & gritty winger got the other goal on a beautiful breakaway.

Brooks Laich is having a breakout year this year. I can remember bashing him as hard as other people in the past couple of years, but he's been consistently good this year. Tarek has a great article on him here in the Post today. The best quote in the article is this one. "If you want money, go to the bank," Laich said after the game. "If you want bread, go to the bakery. If you want goals, go to the net."

The Boston Bruins come to the phone booth today and it seems Chara might be out. Yippee.

Let's go Caps!

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