Saturday, January 19, 2008

500 hockey...and Boudreau calls it mediocrity

The Caps beat the Florida Panthers (frequently their nemesis, much like the Caps became Ottawa's this season) 5-3 to reach the 500 mark with a 21-21-4 record for the first time in three months. For the Caps, this has been a long, slow climb out of the basement. Coach Broudreau says in the Caps recap "We've officially reached mediocrity." I love this guy.

My friend Karen & I were discussing at the game tonight that you have to appreciate Broudreau's competitiveness and the fact that he's making the most of the opportunity that's been given to him. He's doing a great job so far. He's finally convinced this team that they're a good hockey team even with all the injuries they've had to deal with this year. And, I'm having fun watching hockey again.

Nicklas Backstrom made 4 assists, a career high for him, and got the 1st star of the game. When I think about where the Caps were 3 years ago and where they are now in terms of talent I can't help but smile. Well, earlier this season was no picnic, but now watching Backstrom quickly develop into the NHL talent that people predicted (he's beginning to show me why people compared him to Peter Forsberg and he's only 19), watching Mike Green become the top goal scoring defensemen with Shaone Morrison backing him up, watching Alexander Semin (please stay healthy) start to light it up and with an attitude that seems way better than it has before and, of course, watching the most exciting $124m goal scorer in the league, Ovie, continue to find the back of the net has me jumping for joy. This is a young, exciting hockey team and they're "finally starting to believe". For those of you who haven't watched The Miracle as many times as I have, that's the origin of that line.

The Caps still have a long way to go, but I have a lot more hope for them today than I did on Thanksgiving Day.

The dreaded Pittsburgh Penguins, minus Captain Crosby are up Monday.

Let's go Caps!

p.s. Thank you, Susan (who attended her first hockey game) and Karen for being enthusiastic supporters of the Caps tonight! We all have a huge love of sports and we laughed about the fact that three women were not only talking about the Caps, but the Redskins, Wizards and Nationals all in the same night.

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